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I hope you enjoy reading the pages ahead. I'd never have guessed, at the outset, just what an experience I was about to have. Words can't really express it - it has been, quite simply, amazing.

The diary page and the guestbook have been particularly popular so please have a read.

 Welcome to the Scott On Everest website. Here you'll
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and to raise a Mountain of Cash for charity!

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Scott   June 2005

The Challenge can be distilled to a few fundamental objectives;

Firstly - To climb Aconcagua - located in the Andes between Argentina and Chile. The highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere. 1 month over Christmas and New Year 2005/6. MISSION COMPLETED 31 December 2005

Then - To summit Mount Everest - located in the Himalaya between Nepal and Tibet. The highest mountain in the World. From the Rongbuk Glacier in Tibet up along the North Ridge. 3 months from March to June 2006. MISSION COMPLETED 17 May 2006

And - To raise a mountain of cash for charity - Supporting two charities. A UK based cancer charity - cancer touches everyone in some way. A UK based international Children's charity called Children in Crisis - which supports projects worldwide.     MISSION COMPLETED 8 June 2006 (£20,000 target passed - and still rising....)

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Join me on The Challenge. This website contains various pages where you can learn more, follow the action, and - importantly - add to the Mountain of Cash. Click on the links at the top of the page to venture forward.

Expedition Diary - Here you'll find out more about the expeditions, and be able to see pictures and read entries from out on the mountain. Follow events as they happen.....

The Charities - Learn about the preferred charities, how fundraising is mounting, and where your money will going........

Scott & Everest - If you're interested, you can find out a bit about me and Mount Everest, and contact me too......

The Corporates - Read about the philanthropic lot that are providing a platform for this to happen.......

Interesting Links - Have a look......

Guestbook - If  you feel a need to inspire others  then leave a message here for the World to see......

If you tell someone else about The Challenge, and they tell someone else, who tells someone else ........ imagine how big the mountain of cash will become!

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